Looking for progressive political consulting services in a fresh, unique, and effective package? Seeking new ways to attract voters to your cause or candidate? Pull the BLUEMARKER from the drawer and let’s re-write the rules.

Big to Small - We Do It All

The people at BlueMarker have built a reputation working on some of the biggest stages - and some of the smallest. We work hard, smart, and are affordable for every budget. Here are some of our services

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  • Candidate Coaching

    First time candidates or lifetime activists can benefit from our one-on-one candidate and campaign coaching programs.

  • Campaign Websites

    Elegant, but sophisticated, BlueMarker websites come in a variety of sizes and are customized to fit your campaign.

  • Direct Mail

    Tired of the piles of cliche campaign materials that pile up on your doorstep every fall? We are too.

  • Campaign Literature

    If you're going to go to the trouble and expense of preparing campaign literature, why not do something that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Email Marketing

    A strong, well-designed email marketing effort can do more than generate funds. It can enhance the relationship your supporters have with your campaign.

  • Event Invitations

    No matter what the event or budget, our design professionals can help develop successful event invitations that will improve response rates, attendance, and fundraising revenue.

Fresh from the Field

Here's a sampling of work we've done over the last few campaign cycles.

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Tips for the Trail

Ideas, thoughts, observations, and generally good advice for candidates and campaigns

  • Keep Your Website Current

    North Royalton City Councilman Dan Langshaw is a strong believer in customer service and in the power of constant contact. And, unlike many elected officials, Dan doesn’t wait until campaign season to engage constituents. Dan uses his BlueMarker powered website year-round as a way to promote accomplishments and keep residents of Ward 3 up-to-date on […]

  • Tips for the Campaign Car

    As someone who has been on a lot of campaigns, there is one thing I can tell you about all of them. No activist is immune from a messy, chaotic campaign car. Over the weeks and months leading to an election, campaign cars often fill up with newspapers, old walk lists, literature, food wrappers, empty cups, jackets, […]

  • Sharpening Your Message

    No matter which office you’re seeking, there’s plenty to think about as you prepare to formally kickoff your campaign. Topping this list are messaging and branding. Establishing a clean, concise, and impactful message is the best way to give your campaign focus and legitimacy as you begin the process of voter contact. By delivering the […]