What We Do

Campaign Websites

Anyone can create a website to post policy positions and show a few photos. But, why not use your website as a 24/7¬†campaign office? By integrating social media, interactive elements, and robust content, we can help set you apart from the competition and identify new ways to attract support, engage supporters, and raise the funds […]

Campaign Literature

Nothing gets us more frustrated than great candidates with terrible campaign materials. You’ve seen them. Boring head shot, boring bio, boring bullet points, all mixed in with the same old images you’ve seen for years (judicial candidate reflecting over a book…congressional candidate at table with seniors…etc). Listen, if you’re going to go to the trouble […]

Email Marketing

A strong, well-designed email marketing effort can do more than generate funds. It can enhance the relationship your supporters have with your campaign. Talk to us about developing a cost-effective, engaging, and successful strategy. Don’t wait until a week before the election. Build those relationships today. BlueMarker can work with your existing email marketing provider […]

Event Invitations

No matter what the event or budget, our design professionals can help develop successful event invitations that will improve response rates, attendance, and fundraising revenue.


Like any other marketing vehicle, your t-shirts have the power to leave an impression (subtle or otherwise) with the voters in your district. Yes, you could let the screen printer throw your name on a shirt, but why not let us design something people will actually want to wear once the parade is over. A […]

Yard Signs

They may be a hassle, but really good yard signs can actually help establish your credibility. Boring ones might as well not even be there. Your campaign isn’t just competing with other campaigns, you’re up against landscapers, roofers, painters, and an assortment of other businesses who advertise on your neighbor’s lawn. Our marketing team can […]

Logo Design

Resist the temptation to create your own brand identity! Give your campaign the professional look it needs by giving our design team a chance to develop a logo that is unique and effective. At BlueMarker, we support blue candidates, but we don’t force them all to use blue (or red and white either). Give us […]

Social Media

Social media isn’t an add-on. It should be an integral part of your campaign strategy. Let us help you make it work like it should. We can help you establish a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. Plus, we’ll help you develop strategies that make sense, engage supporters, and allow you to turn casual […]