Sharpening Your Message

Here's a novel idea. Ask voters what they think!

Here’s a novel idea. Ask voters what they think!

No matter which office you’re seeking, there’s plenty to think about as you prepare to formally kickoff your campaign. Topping this list are messaging and branding. Establishing a clean, concise, and impactful message is the best way to give your campaign focus and legitimacy as you begin the process of voter contact.

By delivering the right message to the right audience, you’ll give your campaign a significant advantage over candidates who are spinning their wheels aimlessly, claiming to be running to “make a difference.”

Begin your messaging phase by making a list of the main issues you care about most. Then, in lieu of focus groups and expensive polling, take some time to reach out to a carefully selected and politically diverse cross section of voters. Ask them to share their thoughts and ideas on your list of issues. After several conversations, a number of patterns and trends will emerge. If you’re listening well, you’ll find that many voters will have their own key issues you never considered. Based on the feedback, reorganize your issues list by determining the top two or three issues voters (and you) care about most. These will be your main themes for the race. While you’ll be tempted to stray, and be a candidate who has a position on every topic, you’ll want to skillfully redirect future dialogue to the core issues you identified as the most important to voters. Or, at the very least, find connections between an individual voter’s most important issues and the ones you identified as those that the general voting public cares about most.

As you repeat and practice your stump speech and responses, it is important to continue listening to voters instead of talking over them. The feedback you receive will be instrumental in shaping the message you present on your marketing materials.

In order to make a connection with voters you can’t reach face-to-face, your print and web materials must be eye-catching and have a clearly identifiable message. You’ll only have a few quick seconds to leave a positive impression—so make it count. At BlueMarker, we’ll work with you to make your key issues an effective focal point of your print marketing. Whether it’s direct mail, door hangers, palm cards, or social media, our marketing team will craft materials that tell a story and get results.

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